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New Contest for 2018!




1. Make your best chocolate chip cookie! Anything goes, as long as chocolate chips are a standout ingredient!

2. Each recipe must be homemade (no mixes or store bought cookies).You must write your recipe down and bring it with your cookies.

3. Display 12 cookies on a plate wrapped in plastic wrap.

4. There is no age requirement. This means children and adults will be judged together.

5. Judging is based on Taste (50%), Appearance (25%), and Texture (25%).

6. First place receives $30 in cash. Prizes will be mailed after the fair.


Special Notes:

1. If the cookie contains nuts or other allergens, please note very clearly on recipe label.

2. This contest is open to Calhoun County residents only.

3. There is no charge or preregistration to enter this contest.

4. Please bring entries to the Expo Center Friday June 13 between 5:30-7:00pm. (This is the same entry time as all open class). Judging will begin at 7:00pm.

5. All exhibits are released at 4:00pm Sunday July 15.

6. Please note, not all contestants will receive a ribbon.

7. The public is allowed to view judging.