Calhoun County Expo         July 5-9, 2023

About Us

Do you know why the Expo is held in Rockwell City?? View the history to find out! >>

Executive Officers of the Fair Board

The Calhoun County Fair Board is made up exclusively of volunteers.


Kelly Meyer


Vice President

Jack Parker

Rockwell City


Kalyn Anderson

Rockwell City


Mindy Kraft

Rockwell City

We also have several committee’s that the fair board has put into place to help manage the workload of all the different activities that are done on the fairgrounds, some people are board members and some are not. Listed below are the heads of the committees if you need any help with one specific event:

Parade: Amanda Johnson & Ricole Potts

Barrel Racing: Jill Westcott & Brandon Anderson

Little Miss CC Contest: Kendra Davis

Miss CC Pageant: Terra Barett & Ally Berg

Glow Run: Sara Gemberling & Chelsey Heim & Amanda Johnson

Animal Shows: Kelly Meyer & Derek Blair & ISU Extension Staff

Family Fun Barn: Kalyn Anderson & Amanda Johnson

Wine & Spirits Walk: Sara Gemberling & Chelsey Heim & Amanda Johnson

Open Class & CC Best Brownie Contest: Brandi & Darcy Murley

Western IA Tractor Pull: Kevin Schleisman & Hillaree Meyer

Outside Movie: Jack Parker & Sara Gemberling & Amanda Johnson

Lamb Burger Feed: Jack Parker & Kerry Scheidegger

Rodeo: Brandon & Kalyn Anderson

Teen Pool Party & DJ: Jessica Ross & Hillaree Meyer

Vendor Fair: Sara Gemberling & Chelsey Heim

Bean Bag Tournament: Terra Barett

Commercial Bldg: Sara Gemberling & Chelsey Heim & Amanda Johnson

Livestock Judging: Brian Lantz & Kelly Meyer

Meat Judging: Steve Bawden

Goat Yoga & Yoga in Park: Chelsey Heim & Meghan Pitstick

Pizza Eating Contest: Hillaree Meyer

Figure 8 Race: Kelly Meyer, Kalyn Anderson & Derek Blair

Mud Volleyball: Ricole Potts & Terra Barett

Tractor Ride: Kelly Meyer

Team Roping: Jamie Westcott & Brandon Anderson

Hired Performers: Hillaree Meyer & Kalyn Anderson

Inflatable Rides & Mechanical Bull: Kalyn Anderson

Antique Tractor Pull: Kevin Schleisman

Sunday Fun Day: Hillaree Meyer

Craft Time: Nicole Bixenstine

Horseshoe Pitching: Dan Blair