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Calhoun County Expo

Figure 8 Racing


2018 Race Schedule

*June 9 at 7:00 P.M. 

*June 30 at 7:00 P.M.

*July 14 at 7:00 P.M. 

(Eric Findley Memorial-Fair Race)

*August 11 at 7:00 P.M. 

**August 25 RAIN DATE

Calhoun County Figure 8 Race Rules

Stock Class:

Stock will mean stock unless otherwise stated in the rules. If it doesn’t say you can do it that means you can’t.

Calhoun County Fairboard Officials have the right to refuse any car.

All glass & trim must be removed. No mirrors. Rearview mirrors have to be racing approved.

Car body must be in factory stock appearance.

Factory firewall, floor plan & rear firewall all must be left in stock positions.

Must have stock A-frames, stock shocks & stock springs. No racing shocks.

No weight jacks or spring blocks. No ballast allowed

May mix rear ends. (Example: Ford 9” in a Chevy car)

Rear ends may be welded. It is mandatory that drive shafts be painted white. Must have front & rear drive shaft loops. All mandatory. Rear safety loop can be chain, no smaller than ¼”chain with 1” links.

Engine must be strictly stock for that make/model & in its original mounts. Air cleaner & element must be in place. Only 2 barrel carburetors, ½” adaptor plates will be allowed. 1” phenolic carburetor adapter plates only.

No headers. All exhaust must be under the car.

Motors must be cold to touch, pull 15 inches vacuum at 1000 RPMs, using RC equipment. Must have ¼” port off of intake. Hose must be assessable from driver’s side window door post.


All automatic transmissions must have working torque converters. No stall converters.

No roller rockers, no roller tips or roller cams.

No porting & polishing. No gasket matching as it is considered porting.

Must be factory heads with stamp. Cast iron only. No aftermarket heads.

Will allow small hoop 6” behind rear tire, 3” from rear trunk wall not to exceed .095 thickness between outside of frame & inside rear quarter panel.

Oil filter & body must be in stock position.

No set back cages. Seat must be in stick drivers position.

Full 4 point cage, door to door, firewall to firewall is required. 1½” or greater pipe, .095 or greater thickness required. Three or more drivers door bars are mandatory. Fuel cell protection to the rear of the car only. Must stay inside of frame.

Any welding on drivers side is allowed between front & back tire for drivers protection. Only door seams on passenger side may be welded. All doors must be chained or welded. Rub bars allowed on each side between wheel openings only, no bigger than 1x2” tubing/bars, ends must be tapered, smoothed & securely fastened.

Hood & trunk must be chained or pinned. Must be able to look in both.

Bumpers may be welded on each side with 3”x1/8” strap (cap) not exceeding 12” in length. Must be a stock bumper. (No channel iron allowed) Plastic nose cones allowed over stock bumper. Must be able to inspect front radiator. 2-6” holes recommended.

Radiators in stock mounts only. Radiator supports can only have 1/8” tubing in a hoop where original was. Nothing more than a wire screen or stock grill in front. May have 2 straps, like seat belts hold radiators. May have 1 bar in front of radiator not to exceed a 1½” in diameter no wide frame. Kickers must be in front of spring pockets, not tied to the roll cage.

When repairing frame between tires & bumpers, there can not be anything used thicker than 1/8” tubing & no larger than the frame. Must have 2-1/2” holes for inspection front & rear.

Batteries: Recommended to be under hood & moved from original position. Battery may be on passenger side floor board if it is a steel box with a lid. Must be covered & securely fastened.

Gas Tanks: Fuel cell in truck is mandatory. Must be securely fastened using 2 inch by 1/8” steel straps or greater. No stock gas tanks. CAM 2 allowed. No alcohol.

Seat belts & helmets are required. 4 or 5 point harness is required.

Numbers must be on a 3 sided, 16”x16”, securely fastened to top of car.

Cars are subject to inspection at anytime & must not be an alternate car.

Top 5-6 will be teched at approved at after the stock main.

Driver & 1 pit person only allowed in tech area after main event. If more than that you will be disqualified.

Tires: Bead locks are NOT ALLOWED. 8” maxium width allowed. No mud or aggressive tires. Street or radial tires, dirt track approved. (Example: Hooiser, American Racer)


Front Wheel Drive Class:

Cars must be stock.

If fuel tank is moved, it must be secured and a firewall put in between

All glass must be removed.

All hubcaps and loose metal must be removed.

Reinforcement on driver’s side only (optional). Roll cage recommended but not required.

Doors, hood, and trunk must be secured. Must be able to open hood and trunk for inspection.

Battery may be moved, but must be secured and covered.

Car number must be from 0 to 99. No 3-digit numbers. Each number can only be used once, regardless if a letter in conjunction with the number.

Must have a 2-3 sided (16”x16”) sign on top of the car with the car’s number on each side. Car number should be on both sides of the car also.

Car must have protective screen on driver’s side of front window and driver’s side window.

No profanity or illicit pictures allowed on car.

Helmet and safety belts required when on track.

No loose objects allowed in car.

No full size front wheel drives. These cars with race in the stock class (see stock class rules).

Radial or passenger car tires only. No mud tires, snow tires, or donut tires allowed. Hoosiers or American raced tires allowed.


Open Class Car Rules:

No 4x4’s or pickup’s. All glass and trum must be removed. No exterior mirrors.

Rear end spider gears may be welded. Air cleaner with element must be in place. Headers are legal, it is mandatory that drive shafts be painted white. Must have drive shaft loop.


Car door, hood and trunk must be chained or welded shut. Maximum of 4 hood pins. Bumpers must be in place. No exceptions.

BATTERIES: Batteries are recommended to be under the hood and moved from original position. Battery may be in passenger side floor board if it is in a steel box with a lid. Must be covered and securely fastened.

GAS TANKS: Fuel cells in the trunk are mandatory. Original gas tank must be removed. NO stock tanks at all. FUEL CELLS ONLY. If you run alcohol it needs to be brought up at the drivers meeting. You must run additive to see it burn. Must have a rollover valve.

Must be able to look in trunk. RADIATORS IN ORIGINAL POSITION ONLY. No cattle catchers.

4 point harness is mandatory.



1 inch lug nuts are mandatory.

No aluminum blocks. Aluminum heads are allowed.

Ballast and weight jacks legal. Must be painted white with car # on the weight. One shock and spring wheel per wheel. No pan hard bars, traction bars, torque links, or other traction devices. Quick change rear ends allowed. No traction control in MSD. All suspension parts must be in stock except for shocks. After market front A frames allowed.

Tranny coolers are allowed but are not to be in the driver’s compartment. Water coolers are allowed.

Cars may be re-enforced. No bolts or other objects protruding from side of the car will be allowed.

Tires: bead locks are allowed. 10” tires are allowed. NO mud or snow tires are allowed.


Track, Pit, Driver and Race Rules:

Track Officials Decisions are Final.


Drivers must be 18 years of age (16 or 17 with parental consent), with a valid driver’s license.

Driver’s are responsible for their pits members and will be held responsible for the actions of their pit members.

Drivers must not be intoxicated or deemed incapable by judges.

After having registered, the driver or any pit member, has waived all rights to claim in case of injury received while on track or in the pit area.

Drivers must wear protective headgear and seatbelt while in track, even during warm up laps.

No intoxicating substances of any type will be allowed in the pit area.

No racing or ramming of any kind will be tolerated in the pit area.

All persons in the pit area must stay 5 feet from the pit walls, and should not be in the track exit area.

All cars and car parts must be removed from the fairgrounds within 48 hours from the time the race has finished.

All cars must stay on the traveled portion of the track, if your car goes off the track, slow down and re-enter the traveled portion of the track as close to the place of leaving as possible. If you advance your position by doing this, you will be black flagged.

Cars in a race are not allowed to pit during the race, any car that leaves the track and goes to the pit before completion of the race is disqualified.

No pit members are allowed on the track once the race starts.

If a driver is told to shut off their car by an official, in the case of an accident, you will get a re-start and hold your position in the restart.

No work will be allowed on a car while the race is under the green flag.

Running on a rim is only allowed during the final laps of a race, if you are in contention.

No car, at any time is allowed to hit another car’s driver side door.

In the event that a car requires assistance from the Fire Dept., a push truck, a tractor, a skid loader, event staff, ect, that car will not be able to continue the race.

In the event of a red flag before the completion of the first lap, the race will be restarted with the cars in their original positions.

If a accident occurs after the first lap, the race will be judged by the flagman.

If the traveled portion of the track is clear: racing will continue under a green flag.

If the traveled portion of the track is blocked: the red flag will be thrown and all cars will stop immediately. Cars will hold their positions as of the last completed lap prior to the red flag.

Any car or driver having been judged to have violated the rules laid forth will be given a black flag and must leave the race track immediately, and go to the pit area.