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In November of 1980 a vote was held to determine where the official fair of Calhoun County would be. Below is an article and printed pieces from that time.


The fair issue will be put before the voters of Calhoun County at the General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 1980. The voters of Calhoun County will vote on whether the site of the Official County Fair will be at Rockwell City or Manson.

At the present time, Calhoun County has two fairs with state and county aid being divided equally. At Manson, the Little Miss Calhoun County is selected and the exhibits are "open". At the Calhoun County Exposition held at Rockwell City, Miss Calhoun County is selected and she participates in the Miss Iowa Contest at the Iowa State Fair. All 4-H Clubs and FFA Organizations in Calhoun County exhibit and may advance to the Iowa State Fair as well as the Clay County Fair at Spencer.

The Iowa Legislature passed a law (174.10) Code 1979 at their last session stating that the citizens of each County which has two County Fairs and one Extension Office, has the right to vote on which Fair shall be declared the Official County Fair and entitled to all of the County and State Aid.

The Calhoun County Exposition Board has filed the petitions required at the Calhoun County Board of Supervisors and the voters will be asked to select the site of Rockwell City of Manson as the Official County Fair at the General Election in November. The site that receives the majority of the votes cast shall be designated as the Official County Fair.



Tally of Votes